Machine Screws

We manufacture a wide range of machine screws with standard or special head forms to British or DIN standards.

Materials & Finishes

Machine Screws are available in standard Mild Steels or Carbon Steels with Boron suitably heat treated for higher tensile requirements, or from Stainless Steel, Copper and Aluminium. Various finishes can be added from the standard self colour, e.g. zinc plate, Dacromet™, Zylan™, E Coat™.


Used by a wide variety of industries for general fastening of components.

Stock Sizes

Due to the extremely large number of combinations of head styles to thread lengths and thread types we do not normally hold a stock range. Stocks are however held for supply to customers schedule requirements. Sizes range from M4 to M16 and the imperial equivalents.

Design Specification

A wide variety of head styles are supplied either recessed or slotted, and threads can be ISO Metric, Whitworth, B.A., B.S.F., Unified, etc., etc. Specials

Our manufacturing plant is capable of producing machine screws to your drawings, in non standard lengths, as well as to other National or European Standards and stocking them for your call off instructions.